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What if I get nervous during the photoshoot?

You've come to the right place! Please be reassured because this is why I do what I do. My unique way of working with you guarantees that you'll feel comfortable (and have fun!) during our photoshoot (most people don't believe me until they've experienced it themselves.).


The most common feedback I get after a session is "I've never experienced myself this open and relaxed in front of the camera!". Quite a few of my clients have fallen in love with photoshoots since and are now happy regulars in my studio.

Do you have a photography studio in Amsterdam?

Yes, my photography studio is in a luxurious mansion in the nine streets of Amsterdam. There is a gorgeous set-up available including a garden, roof terrace, library, as well as a fully equipped studio with top-of-the-line lighting equipment and backdrops.


To honor the owner's desire for privacy, the location is disclosed only after a booking is confirmed.

What do I wear and how many outfits do I bring? 

Always bring 1 or 2 outfits extra to what your package includes, we will go over the options at the beginning of the photoshoot. To give you some pointers for prepping for the shoot, read the checklist below.


  • Bring clothes that match your style and personality.

  • Try to stay away from clothes with busy patterns, solid colors are best.

  • Any color is great for tops, but remember that bright colors can draw away from your face so pick something muted that matches your eye color and skin tone.

  • Make sure all clothes are clean and neatly pressed (especially collared shirts & suits). The camera picks up a lot more detail than you think.

  • Blue jeans always look great on camera, unless they are dingy and torn.

  • For headshots, your lower half won't be in most of the pictures, but don't neglect to pick out some good pants for the shoot.

  • Dress comfortable but classy, v-neck and u-neck sweaters & shirts are great.​

Should I wear make-up?

I personally prefer to photograph clients in their natural look, I advise my clients to wear simple make-up and to bring touch-up with them just in case.

Hair & makeup is not included in the session fee.


When do I get my images?

For most portrait sessions (CLASSIC) the turnaround time is 3 business days to get your gallery of images. Once you make your selection, expect another 3 to 5 business days before your final, edited images are delivered to you.


If you have a deadline and need something even faster, be sure to let us know when you book.


How much retouching do you do?

Straight out of the camera your images will be pretty much ready to go. We use the right lighting and posing techniques to make you look your best. Before we deliver the images to you we sort through and ditch any of the blinky or blurry ones, color-correct and crop them.


Each image you order is given the highest level of attention to remove blemishes as well as stray hairs and dark circles. The key is to enhance the image without making you look fake.


When clients want more elaborate editing (removing objects from the background, changing colour of objects in the image, cutting the headshot out, and placing it on a seamless background additional costs are charged - €5 - €45 (ex. BTW) per image, depending on the level of editing required

Getting facial several days to a week before the shoot can ensure that your skin will look its best. It is important for you to look natural, and too much retouching can make you look fake.

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