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How do I book a session?

To book a session with me, please visit the contact form on my website. Select the desired
package and provide information about yourself and your intended use of the images. I typically
respond within the hour. We can then schedule a brief call to discuss your needs, address any
concerns, and align our expectations for the photoshoot.

After our chat, we will agree on a suitable date and time for your session. I will send you an
invoice right after our call requesting a deposit payment of 50% to secure your booking.

Do you shoot on Weekends?

I am available for bookings seven days a week.

How about Shooting outside of Amsterdam?

Shooting outside of Amsterdam is possible. Please note that an additional travel fee will apply,
calculated based on travel time and costs. You will receive this estimation in advance.

What if I get nervous during the photoshoot?

You've come to the right place! Please be reassured because this is why I do what I do. My
unique way of working with you guarantees you'll feel comfortable (and have fun!) during our
photo shoot (most people don't believe me until they've experienced it themselves.).

The most common feedback I get after a session is, "I've never experienced myself this open and relaxed in front of the camera!". Quite a few of my clients have fallen in love with photoshoots since and are now happy regulars in my studio.


Do you have a photography studio in Amsterdam?

Yes, my photography studio is in a luxurious mansion on the nine streets of Amsterdam. A
gorgeous setup is available, including a garden, roof terrace, and library, as well as a fully
equipped studio with top-of-the-line lighting equipment and backdrops.


What do I wear and how many outfits do I bring?

Always bring 1 or 2 outfits extra to what your package includes; we will go over the options at
the beginning of the photoshoot. Read the checklist below to give you some pointers for
prepping for the shoot.


• Bring clothes that match your style and personality.
• Stay away from clothes with busy patterns; solid colours are best.
• Any colour is great for tops, but remember that bright colours can draw away from your
face, so pick something muted that matches your eye colour and skin tone.
• Ensure all clothes are clean and neatly pressed (especially collared shirts & suits). The
camera picks up a lot more detail than you think.
• Blue jeans look great on camera unless they are dingy and torn.
• Your lower half won't be in most of the pictures for headshots but don't neglect to pick
out some good pants and shoes for the shoot.
• Dress comfortably but classy; v-neck and u-neck sweaters & shirts are great.

Should I wear makeup?

I prefer to photograph clients with a natural look, either minimal or professionally done makeup,
that aims for a natural appearance.

Hair & makeup is not included in the session fee.

How do I make my selection?

For portrait sessions, you will receive an online gallery containing all the images from our
session. Also, I will provide a 60-second video tutorial on navigating the gallery and making
your selection effortlessly. Once you have made your selection and added the chosen images to
your favourite folder, I will edit them according to our agreed-upon specifications. The edited
images will be delivered within 3 to 5 business days, taking into account the required editing
time. Please inform us when booking if you have a specific deadline and need expedited

How much retouching do you do?

Straight out of the camera, your images will be ready to go. We use lighting and posing
techniques to make you look your best. Before delivering the digital files, we sort through and
ditch any blinky or blurry ones, colour-correct and crop them.

Each image you order is given the highest level of attention to remove blemishes, stray hairs, and dark circles. The key is to enhance the image without making you look fake.

When clients want more elaborate editing (removing objects from the background, changing the
colour of things in the image, cutting the headshot out, and placing it on a seamless background, additional costs are charged - €5 - €45 (ex. BTW) per image, depending on the level of editing required

It is important to look natural; too much retouching can make you look fake.


What happens if the weather is not promising?

Unmaskphotography allows rescheduling sessions if the booked appointment day or time
coincides with unfavourable weather. The rescheduling decision can be made jointly by the client and the photographer. Typically, we aim to reschedule sessions within two weeks from the initial appointment. However, please note that there are instances where soft snow or light rain can create beautiful photo opportunities, and we can discuss if this alternative is fitting for your

What is your Late Arrival Policy?

If you are late for your session, please inform me immediately. Depending on my availability and
subsequent appointments, adjusting the session duration or proceeding with the remaining time
available may be necessary. Not showing up will result in the money not being refunded.


Cancellation Policy!

If a client cancels their session, the session retainer paid to book the appointment is nonrefundable for portrait sessions. However, the client can reschedule the session by contacting us at least 48 hours before the scheduled date. The retainer fee can be credited towards a future session, provided a mutually agreeable date and time can be arranged.

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