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Portrait Photographer In Amsterdam

Be The Main Character


Unfold your authentic personality through portraits that capture the essence of who you truly are. With every click of the camera, Unmaskphotography weaves the magic of storytelling through the lenses and embraces the emotion it evokes. Pick the package that suits you the best and create portraits that tell your story with honesty and artistry.

35min - €135 (Ex. btw) photo session
Styling tips & suggestions
Multiple Setups



"It's one thing to make a picture of what a person looks like, it's another thing to make a portrait of who they are." 


- Paul Caponigro

Types of Portrait Photography In Amsterdam 

Discover different photography services offered by Unmask Photography. With our portrait photographer in Amsterdam, you can choose how you wish to be captured.

Linkedin Portrait Basic


Boost your LinkedIn profile with our LinkedIn portrait basic package that can align perfectly with your career aspirations. Present yourself professionally and attract more interview and promotion calls. 

Branding Photoshoot

Trust Amsterdam’s portrait photographer for your branding photoshoot for your business. Market your brand's essence, values, and story via professional photos. Stand out from the crowd.

Indoor & Outdoor Portraits

Unmaskphotography captures you in the studio as well as outdoors. Get the real you being captured by the best portrait photographer in the Netherlands and Amsterdam.

Luxury Photoshoot


Exquisite luxury photoshoot: Historic Amsterdam studio, expert styling, 3-hour session, stunning results.Celebrate the retouching of life's most remarkable moments. Photos that serve as a reminder of the elegance that defines your life.


Exclusive Portrait Photography Packages In Amsterdam


  • What’s discussed during the pre-shoot consultation?
    During the pre-shoot consultation, we will discuss the event schedule, location, desired shots, special moments, and any specific preferences or themes you want to incorporate into the photography.
  • How many photos will I receive?
    On average for a full day i.e. 8 hours we deliver approximately 300-350 photos.
  • Can I request specific shots or poses during the Amsterdam event photography?
    Absolutely. Please share any specific shots or poses you'd like to have from me as an event photographer in Amsterdam. Also, Unmaskphotography provides a special list of deliverables that have been created over the years.
  • Is a deposit required to book an event photography service?
    Yes, to secure the booking for the event date with Unmask Photography, you must deposit 35% of the total payment in advance.
  • What types of events do you cover?
    Unmask Photography covers a wide range of events, including weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, corporate conferences, product launches, charity events, music concerts, and cultural festivals.
  • How much advance notice is usually required for photoshoot cancellations or rescheduling?
    For the events, cancellation policy: Once the booking is confirmed, Unmaskphotography reserves the date and time exclusively for your event. This means that Unmaskphotography may have to decline other projects during that time frame. In order to secure the booking, a downpayment is required. Please note that this downpayment is non-refundable in the event of a cancellation. I understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise, and I sympathise with any inconvenience caused. If a cancellation occurs within 48 hours of the event, I kindly request payment in full. This policy is in place to compensate for the time and resources allocated to your event, as well as the potential loss of other bookings. I strive to provide the highest level of service and commitment to each of my clients, and I appreciate your understanding of this cancellation policy.



Marjie Roos

Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Strangely I could totally enjoy the portrait photography shoot I did with Bambos!


So unexpected for me as I was full of self-judgment about how I am not good in front of the camera.


The exercises we did helped me feel at ease and trust Bambos. So, when I was in front of the camera I felt much more relaxed, and I could just BE.


Gabriel Powell

Business & Life Coach

Yesterday I got the chance to work with Bambos for the first time. His level of service and quality of work is impeccable.


He showed a rare ability to tune into my requirements and helped me to be fully myself during the shoot.


And he made it really fun along the way. I loved his authenticity, openness, and warm heart.


I'll definitely hire him again for my next portrait photoshoot and recommend him to anyone looking for a photographer. 


Business Owner

I've always hated my photos. 

Never quite catching who I am, there has always been this shadow of pressure and tension in my face: Will I be good enough?  Will this picture be pretty?

But not with Bambos.

He captured Me, Myself, and I–all in the same shoot. And, the result is absolutely stunning. 

I recommend anyone with 'photophobia' to let Unmask Photography do its magic.


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Phone: (+31) 6-155-76-807 

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