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Capture those special moments of celebration and bring your event to life. As an experienced event photographer in Amsterdam who travels around the globe, my mission is to spark spontaneous laughter and heartfelt moments
through the way we work together. 

“It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter.”​

- Alfred Eisenstaedt

If you really knew me, you'd know that I feel a deep sense of care

for the people that I get to photograph.

My style of photography is centered around creating and

inspiring moments where people are genuinely connected

with themselves and others around them.

This is done in an interactive, playful, and non-intrusive way

that guarantees unforgettable memories.

Looking for the right photographer to capture the essence of your event?

Look no further.



Rani Piputri

Investment Manager

We used Unmask Photography in a number of events and conferences for investment professionals.


Bambos has a unique skill of bringing life and elegance at the same time in the pictures that he takes.


He makes the most boring person look like someone you actually want to spend time with.


Dorottya Kiss

Multidisciplinary Consultant

I've known this amazing, talented photographer for about 5 years now.


I've had the pleasure of experiencing him photographing my portrait, my work on stage, and recently backstage.


Bambos makes you feel comfortable and definitely inspires you to expand your comfort zone.


He does absolutely EVERYTHING in his power to realise authentic photos. 


Get real and enjoy the journey that results in honesty merging with creativity = YOU.



Marketing Director

Absolutely loved taking photos with Bambos! A much different style then most photographers. 

He's able to make the shoot easy, natural, and fun so that the eyes shine radiantly bright.

Would recommend him to anyone.

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