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Capturing Authenticity in Amsterdam: Embracing Technology and Preserving Beauty with the Nikon Z8 at UNMASKPHOTOGRAPHY

In the upcoming days, I am eagerly anticipating the arrival of my new camera, the Nikon Z8, renowned for its speed and excellent low-light performance—qualities essential for my event photography in Amsterdam. The city's dynamic atmosphere demands a camera that can seamlessly track a person running around in a crowded room, and the Nikon Z8 fits the bill perfectly.

AI has undoubtedly revolutionized the photography industry, providing a plethora of benefits. From automatically enhancing images to adjusting lighting and removing imperfections with just a few clicks, its convenience has resonated with photographers and clients alike. As I explore the possibilities of my new camera, I am reminded of the delicate balance between embracing technology and preserving the authenticity that defines great photography.

While online, I've observed the widespread use of AI to enhance images. Nevertheless, there are potential traps, such as over-smoothing skin, unrealistic body proportions, and an overall loss of character in photographs. This can lead to a disconnection between the viewer and the subject, a concern I address in my work as an event and portrait photographer in Amsterdam.

Speaking of portrait photography in Amsterdam, a few months ago, a client approached me for a professional portrait and lifestyle session. In our consultation, she shared a mood board featuring AI-generated images of herself, aspiring to embody those unrealistic beauty standards. This experience highlighted the negative impact of relying solely on AI editing, highlighting the importance of promoting self-acceptance.

At UNMASKPHOTOGRAPHY, my focus is on mindful use of AI. I understand the detailed manual editing process, enhancing photographs while preserving their authenticity. This approach, combined with a skilled eye and attention to detail, allows me to bring out the natural beauty of my subjects without distorting their appearance.

For those seeking professional photography services in Amsterdam, whether for corporate events or portrait sessions, UNMASKPHOTOGRAPHY strives to create a safe and accepting space. Our photographs aim to challenge societal norms, celebrate diversity, and promote self-love. If you're interested in exploring the intersection of technology and authentic photography, visit our website UNMASKPHOTOGRAPHY to learn more about our approach and portfolio.


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